Angular connector form A leaking/ loss of IP ingress protection

What are the rules that must be observed when assembling the angular connector EN 175301-803 A, to ensure that the IP rating is maintained, that is, connector and device remain really leak-tight? Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong when using the angular connector EN 175301-803 A (better known as valve connector, big DIN, large Hirschmann connector or under the old name DIN 43650 connector). Unfortunately, almost all of these errors lead to the loss of the IP rating, not only for the connector, but also in most cases for the complete device! Accordingly, when using the DIN connector, be sure to avoid the following most common sources of error:
Does the cable fit the specified clamping diameter of the cable gland?
Has the connector an integrated seal or is a separate seal properly placed between the device plug and the mating connector- and does the seal fit to the connector at all?
Has Protected been tightened correctly and does the screw head fit and seal correctly?

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