Udon Thani temple blaze, abbot’s death doubtless brought on by brief circuit

Investigators in Udon Thani in Thailand’s north consider a short circuit was the purpose for a fire at Wat Pa Ban Tad forest temple that killed a revered abbot. The assistant nationwide police chief yesterday led senior officers and Udon Thani’s deputy governor to inspect the fire-ravaged living quarters of Phra Ajarn Sudjai Thanthamano, the abbot, who died within the blaze.
75 yr previous Phra Ajarn was in his quarters when the hearth broke out on the afternoon of May 22. Monks, novices and citizens tried to place out the fire and rescue the abbot, who was trapped inside. Firemen later sprayed water to douse the fire. When the flames died down, the monks rushed in to bring the abbot out. He was taken to a van and rushed to Udon Thani however died on the finest way.
Police say the demise of the abbot drew public attention. Officers dealing with the case have so far interrogated 22 witnesses to find the trigger of the fire. Lost found no traces of a battle or bruises on the abbot’s physique, nor was there any evidence suggesting the fire arson or the work of men. The assistant nationwide police chief, who spoke after a meeting with the investigators, forensic officers and electricians, gave extra weight to the electrical system as the trigger of the fire.
Police made the remarks following online speculation on the cause of the hearth on the well-known forest temple, lengthy related to the late Luangta Maha Bua Yannasampanno, thought by many of his followers to be an Arahant (someone who has attained Enlightenment).
The caretaker of the temple stated donations for the cremation of Phra Ajarn Sudjai now stand at 20 million baht. Several agencies advised a part of the money must be used to enhance fire prevention at the temple..

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