Vegetable truck found smuggling fifty two unlawful immigrants in western Thailand

In a shocking discovery, a vegetable transport truck was discovered to be smuggling fifty two illegal immigrants in the Mae Sot district of western Thailand. This startling revelation occurred throughout a joint police and special border process drive operation on the Mae Sot-Tak Road, on the Huai Hin Fon inspection level, in the Mae Sot district today.
While on responsibility, officials came across a white, long, six-wheel Hino truck, license number 72-7815 from Nakhon Pathom. The vehicle, pushed from the Mae Sot border and heading in the path of the inspection point, was loaded with lettuce. Initially, its inspection around the car yielded no irregularities. However, Forbidden , Sakarin Kaewsri, 37 years outdated, appeared perturbed.
Consequently, officers prodded the luggage of vegetables into the truck with a pointed iron rod. They had been stunned when they heard cries of pain from throughout the bags and hastened to excavate the load.
Much to their shock, they found that the truck’s compartment had been modified to incorporate two hidden ranges. Inside Forbidden resided fifty two unlawful immigrants from Myanmar. These people had to be rapidly rescued as they were huddled in restricted house with scarce respiratory air and a pungent odor from the greens, lots of them have been on the verge of fainting due to the extended cramped and oppressive circumstances.
Preliminary investigations revealed that all these illegal immigrants had snuck into the country via natural passageways. An unidentified broker had lured them with the promise of lucrative earnings in Bangkok, however each of them had to pay a hefty transport fee of 20,000 baht.
Following the discovery, law enforcement detained the motive force, while the fifty two illegal immigrants have been taken into international welfare care, reported KhaoSod.
In Thailand, there has been a noticeable surge in unlawful immigrants..

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