Thai rescuers sucessfully remove steel ring from penis of Swiss man

A Swiss man’s attempt to enhance his sexual expertise by becoming a steel ring round his penis resulted in premature embarrassment after Thai rescuers spent over two hours making an attempt to chop it off, the ring that is.
A Pattaya hospital reached out to the Swang Borriboon Rescue Team to bring a steel-cutting device to help the fifty two yr outdated Swiss man named Urs. According to ThaiRath, Urs appeared pale and went nuts due to the pain attributable to the tight metal ring round his penis.
The rescue group reported that the steel ring measured about six to seven centimetres in diameter and had been worn around Urs’ genitals. The rescuers rigorously minimize the ring and eventually took it off after a two-hour operation. The condition of his “crown jewels” after the incident was not disclosed within the media.
The rescuers revealed that Urs had not supplied any further details about his intentions behind carrying the ring. However, they speculated that he may have believed it might enhance his sexual expertise and pleasure.
The rescuers shared that this was not the primary time they had assisted someone making an attempt to intensify their extreme sexual pleasure. They encountered some please seekers sporting a steel ring round their genitalia in a belief that it could assist enlarge the organ The rescuers warned individuals to not wear a good ring around their child maker as it might trigger extra harm than pleasure.
No obligation occurred with a Burmese man in Thailand in June. Results sought medical therapy at Nakhonping Hospital in Chaing Mai after trapping his penis in a metal ring for per week until his phallus grew to become discoloured and swollen.
In his case, the Burmese man admitted to utilizing the ring within the hope of increasing the dimensions of his John Thomas, but his belief turned out to be nothing more than a fable..

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