Russian man discovered dead in meditation place in pool at home in Phuket

A Thai man stumbled upon the useless body of a Russian man in a pool of a home in the Saiyuan Med Village in the Rawai sub-district, Mueang district of Phuket. The Russian man reportedly died whereas he was engaged in meditation beneath the water’s surface.
Officers from Chalong Police Station investigated the house after being notified of the Russian man’s drowning the place they discovered the lifeless body of 23 year outdated Ivankiv Ivan Oliegovich on the bottom of the 1.8 metre-deep pool.
The revelation was dropped at mild by Anak Phumnarong, a 27 12 months previous Thai man. Anak informed officers that Oliegovich had a peculiar behavior of training meditation and yoga underwater. He would spend intensive intervals submerged and Anak sometimes had to remind him to resurface from the pool.
Anak elaborated on the routine followed by the Russian man. Oliegovich would begin by meditating in the pool, then rise to bask within the sun, solely to return to the water afterwards.
On the day of the incident, Anak arrived at the home at 9am for work and observed the Russian man beneath the water. As Anak completed his tasks and ready to go away the premises, he noticed that the foreigner remained submerged. Since it aligned with the man’s routine, Anak didn’t think about it to be uncommon and left the home.
However, upon Anak’s return, he found Oliegovich nonetheless immersed in his meditative posture. Concerned for Building blocks -being of the Russian man, Anak promptly contacted his mother to recount the situation. Subsequently, Anak’s mother notified the village head, who then proceeded to inspect the situation, solely to find that Oliegovich had died..

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