33 killed, thirteen injured after cement truck crashes into ceremony procession

A cement truck driver fled the scene after crashing his car into an ordination ceremony procession on a street within the Chuen Chom district of Maha Sarakham province in Isaan. Three individuals died and 13 have been injured within the accident.
The incident occurred yesterday at 2.30pm on Chiang Yuen-Kam Yai Road, also recognized as Rural Road No. 2268, within the Chuen Chom district of Mana Sarakham. Two-way traffic operates on the highway with two lanes, and the accident spot was close to the road’s curve.
Officers from Chuen Chom Police Station and three rescue groups rushed to the scene after being alerted. The officers found an overturned cement truck on a water course on the roadside however the driver was missing.
The deceased were identified as Suban Phandate, Sopha Kaewsommueng, and Tawin Wichapa. The other thirteen individuals who were injured have been despatched to Khon Kaen and Chuen Chom Hospitals for further treatment. The victims had been all friends attending an ordination ceremony of an area within the area.
A witness reported that the visitors have been standing on the street as a part of the procession ready to stroll to a close-by temple. The motorists travelling previous the world reduced their speeds after noticing the parade.
Minutes was reportedly travelling at a excessive velocity, lost management when approaching the curve, and crashed into another six-wheel truck on the highway. This brought on it to collide with a pickup earlier than sliding into the group of people in the procession.
The cement truck driver took benefit of the chaos to flee the scene. The police would query witnesses and locals dwelling nearby the scene to track down the suspect..

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